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Marriage and Family

ATN offers relationship changing, Christ-centered, Biblical counseling. We can assist you in dealing with those past hurts, communication issues, financial concerns, intimacy issues, and divorce/reconciliation.

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Men's and Women's Issues

If you have besetting problems that are gender specific, ATN can help you walk through the healing process. You do not need to wait any longer to get a handle on your fears and concerns,

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Trust, Anger, Forgiveness

Has someone close to you broken trust, angered you beyond understanding, or held unforgiveness toward you? Then please allow ATN to come alongside and help bring the healing you need through the redemptive work of God. It is never too late to restore a relationship on this earth.  Seek out help today from our counselors.​


Call or email for an appointment.




If you are relying on other things than God to fill the vacancies in your life, please call on us to help you break the chains of bondage. God is the healer of broken lives. Allow us to apply the God given principles of healing to your situation.

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Sometimes parenting can be quite frustrating and exhausting. You don't have to lose your sanity or turn prematurely gray while raising your children. Applying the wisdom of the ages from Scripture can actually restore your joy. Let us help.

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ATN offers daily intensives for serious issues that need concentrated assistance NOW. Meet with a counselor dedicated to helping you back onto the path of healing and restoration of your relationship and lives.

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