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Rev. Jack A. Frank PhD
Executive Director
    Jack has been helping to restore marriages/families/individuals for over 37 years, both privately and through various churches. He has conducted numerous seminars and conferences on marriage and family issues. He has also taught premarital, communication, parenting, singles, and divorce recovery classes. 


     Jack's primary focus is on restoration of damaged relationships. He also has significant experience with intimacy issues. He holds an MA and PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling from Cornerstone University of Lake Charles, Louisiana. He also obtained an MS in Financial Management from West Coast University of Santa Ana, California in order to help those with financial concerns.


     Jack is licensed by the National Christian Counselors Association as a Clinical Christian Counselor and as a Clinical Pastoral Counselor Advanced Standing. He is a Clinical Supervisor and also an ordained minister of pastoral counseling. He worked for over 18 years at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jack has been married for 42 years, has three children, and five grandchildren.

Ginger L. Frank

Director of Operations

​     Ginger has helped restore marriages/families/individuals for more than 37 years through various churches. She has received her training through the National Christian Counselors Association and the American Association of Christian Counselors.

     Ginger has conducted many seminars and retreats on marriage issues, family values, and home efficiencies. As an excellent communicator, she has been a dynamic teacher of premarital, parenting, communication, and divorce recovery courses.

     Ginger is currently completing her certification as a Temperament Counselor. She has been married for 42 years, has three children, and five grandchildren.

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