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Help for Mind, Will, & Emotions​

PROJECT Restoration

Children are hurting and marriages are falling apart because many families cannot afford professional Christian counseling.

How many families or marriages do you know that are on the verge of separation or worse yet, divorce?

The Lord has made it abundantly clear that every family, regardless of it's financial situation, deserves to have a chance at a second chance!

Please come along side us to help rebuild marriages and restore families.

"Rescue the perishing; don’t hesitate to step in and help." Prov 24:11a (MSG)

• Families
• Marriages
• Past Hurts
• Forgiveness
• Men’s Issues
• Financial
• Trust​


• Women’s Issues
• Anger
• Individuals
• Parenting
• Divorce
• Reconciliation
• Intensives
• Seminars

If you would like to help us save families and marriages, you can give online today,

TeleCounseling is Available

We are a Christian ministry dedicated to the restoration of marriages, families, and individuals--at low or no cost.


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